Commander’s Welcome


Commander Kevin E. James



Hello everyone!

I am Kevin E. James and proud to be your new Commander.

My first challenge to all of our Legionnaires: Attend the monthly meetings. Basically, we need more involvement from our legionnaires!  We need your concerns to be voiced, in the form of suggestions on how to make our Post continue to thrive in a positive manner. Active participation such as this will go a long way in changing the negative perception in regards to the bar area as well as the Post in general.  Together, we can make this happen.


We understand that some may have valid reasons for not attending.  That’s okay. We can deal with individuals with this issue in other ways.  For example, if you have an issue, concern or just a notion that needs to be voiced, just speak with an officer of the Post or a fellow legionnaire.  He/she can make the Post aware of the issue in your name (if you choose to remain anonymous, that’s okay too).  At which time Post members can discuss it in a professional manner.

Also, let us not forget the other organizations that prop us up, that is:  American Legion Auxiliary (ALA), Sons of the American Legion (SAL), last but not least, the American Legion Riders (ALR). All these great organizations, to include Post members, in one way or another, have donated their precious time and energy in an effort to make our Post better.  This includes the valuable community efforts as well.

Remember also this Post is made up of volunteers, to include the bartenders.  They (bartenders) get paid via any tips given by a patrons who utilize the bar area.

 Our Gold Star past, full of great accolades, let this be a motivating factor that allows the Post to continue its valuable work as stated by the 4 Pillars.

God bless the doctors, nurses, first responder, and our United States Military!

With undying respect, sincerity and appreciation,

Keven E. James


Eden – Stanley, Post 294

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